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Densidade Neutra Graduada Reversa GND8 3 f-stop Filtro 100 * 150mm

4.7 41 comentários Modelo:KF01.1148
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89,99€ 79,99€
&Frete GRÁTIS nos países elegíveis
  • Marca: K&F Concept
  • Compre K&F Concept densidade neutra graduada reversa gnd8 3 f-stop filtro 100 * 150mm online, frete grátis e garantia de devolução de 30 dias.
  • KF01.1148
  • Em stock: Existente
  • 79.99
Densidade Neutra Graduada Reversa GND8 3 f-stop Filtro 100 * 150mm
compra juntos
Densidade Neutra Graduada Reversa
GND8 3 f-stop Filtro 100 * 150mm
Densidade Neutra Graduada Reversa GND8 3 f-stop Filter
e é feita com vidro premium Optics da Alemanha.
Vidro óptico
Revestimento multi-camada
Sem vinheta
Baixa refletividade
e antiincrustante
transmitância de luz
Revestimento anti-reflexo de dupla face
Pelo revestimento anti-reflexo multicamada de dupla face, a luz reflectida pode
ser reduzida para abaixo de 0,4% para eliminar a influência na imagem.
Revestimento de múltiplas camadas Baixa refletividade
Reduzir o brilho causado pela reflexão difusa
Revestimento Nanométrico
Impermeável, resistente a óleo, resistente a riscos
Com filtro GND8
Corrigir a transição de exposição para renderizar a foto perfeita
Sem filtro GND8
Foto de exposição transição Sky é falho
Avaliação geral   4.7   
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2020/09/02 00:00:00
It delivered what was expected from it.
This was the first filter set I purchased and it delivered it's purpose.
2020/08/24 00:00:00
Good product
Good Product and reliable one
2020/08/24 00:00:00
Very impressive and careful packaging!!
Arrived a day before scheduled delivery, BUT _no_ notice it was being delivered today and we were thinking of going out to enjoy the sunny day! Before you rip the inside black & orange boxes apart: the boxes can be opened from the front pulling from the bottom front edge. Very well-packaged and product presentation! Following instructions within, screwed in the lens filter adapter first, then clipped the filter holder to that. Ring edge away from the orange filter holder tab must be edged in at an angle first, then leveling the filter holder, push the tab to finish the placement. Easy! Practice a few times before going out since IF not mounted correctly, it'll feel as if the filter holder is in place but still isn't. My older 100x80mm filters fit also, so I can still use older filters as needed. Box cutter placed in pictures for size comparison. Will update as necessary when I use it out in the field, BUT I can already see using filters in my future will be a LOT easier and enjoyable!!!
2020/07/31 00:00:00
Great product! I highly recommend.
First time using an ND filter and I’m really pleased with the photo I took. The quality is really good. Thank you!
2020/07/06 00:00:00
A bit loose
It’s actually not too bad for this price. Everything works fine but it’s a bit loose. I have to put some tissues in between to make it tight
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