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Filtro Noturno quadrado, 100x100mm

Modelo: KF01.1144

Avaliação geral 5   1
Filtro Noturno quadrado, 100x100mm
2019/08/01 00:00:00
Just received this so haven't been out and tried it yet but I've compared it's colour tone to a (much more expensive) Kase 150mm filter which makes me believe it'll be fine. It's packaged really well and has a brown leather-style pouch to store the filter which actually fits quite nicely into my Lowepro filter pouch - I think I'll keep it in that even in the pouch, not only to protect it but I'll be easily able to spot it in the dark! This glass filter fits perfectly in both my Nisi and Lee holder systems so I've given it five stars for the build quality and the fact it looks like it'll do what I need. I'll adjust this review if I discover otherwise when I've taken the first batch of photos with it.