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Flash HSS KF882 i-TTL para sincronização de alta velocidade Nikon GN58 1 / 8000s

4.8 26 comentários KF22.007
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65,99€ 78,99€
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  • Marca: K&F Concept
  • Compre K&F Concept flash hss kf882 i-ttl para sincronização de alta velocidade nikon gn58 1 / 8000s online, frete grátis e garantia de devolução de 30 dias.
  • KF22.007
  • Modelo: KF22.007
  • 65.99
Buy €100+ Save €10, Buy €200+ Save €25
  • • O Speedlite I-TTL com o Guia No.GN58 (ISO 100,180 mm), Adequado para: Nikon D3000, D5000, D3100, D5100, D7000, D800, D40, D40, D50, D60, D70, D70, D80, D90, D80S , D200, D300, D300S, D700, D3S, D600, etc.
  • • Com 1 / 8000s função de sincronização de alta velocidade, ajuda a capturar os momentos maravilhosos.
  • • Suporte sem fio função Mestre / Escravo e modo de piscar de luz S1 / S2, sem gatilhos externos são necessários.
  • • Grande tela de LCD com modo de luz de fundo, fácil de dominar informações embora no escuro.
  • • 2,9 segundos de alta velocidade tempo de reciclagem, não vai deixar você perder cada momento maravilhoso.
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KF882 i-TTL HSS Flash
High Speed Sync
1/8000 seconds high-speed synchronization: breaking the shutter speed, won't miss any wonderful moments.
TTL auto metering, sub ±3 files required to self-adjust the metering mode, the flash automatically control light output, so that every shot is ease.
Front curtain sync effects
Rear curtain sync effects
Stroboscopic flash function
During a single exposure, let the speedlite flash multiple times. The trajectory of the subject can be captured by strobe flash.
Auto/manual focus 18-180mm
Manual focus mode could make light output more exact to the desired condition
Função mestre / escravo sem fio: Compatível com o sistema de flash sem fio Nikon e Nikon, realizando TTL, função de flash multi manual longe da câmera.
O tempo de reciclagem de 2,9 segundos na potência máxima evita a espera atemporal.
Comentários (26)
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Brilliant speedlight.
This speedlight was really easy to operate and works brilliantly (no pun intended). Its fit and finish was very good and had a pleasant weight from its sturdy plastic housing. It requires 4 AA batteries (not included) to operate. The speedlight came with a user manual, speedlight stand/base, diffuser dome, and a carry bag. The head had a pull-out bounce card and wide angle panel, it also had a tilt range from 12 o'clock to 4 o'clock and could be rotated 360 degrees from lock to lock. I attached it to my Nikon D3300 DSLR camera and it worked off the bat perfectly and resulted in very evenly lit images. It was a massive improvement over my camera's built-in flash.Here's my YouTube video (https://youtu.be/AynOqz80WgY) unboxing, closeup look and quick test of the speedlight with my Nikon D3300 DSLR camera.
Brilliant speedlight. Brilliant speedlight. Brilliant speedlight. Brilliant speedlight. Brilliant speedlight. Brilliant speedlight. Brilliant speedlight. Brilliant speedlight. Brilliant speedlight.
2015/12/01 00:00:00
Worked out of the box
I have used this a couple of dozen times with my Nikon D500. The instruction booklet could do with a better translation, but hey ho, I went for it, and stuck it on the shoe. It works very well, despite my not yet getting to grips with the finer points. It talks to the camera effortlessly.In the example, with little time to set up, I used an exposure time of 1/200 sec at F2, 800 iso, multi-segment metering with a 35mm lens. I used the camera in manual mode, and bounced the flash off the ceiling. In retrospect, the image needed darkening a little, but I expect I will learn more as I become familiar with the unit.
2018/11/20 00:00:00
When you can be flash
Very well made product that provides confidence it fitted and worked perfectly with my Nikon. Producing excellent results in a range of uses. It does have limitations especially when taking multiple photographs so if you need to take many bursts of photographs very quickly then you may need to consider other units. I cannot say where the extremes lay and I may be a little unfair on the units capabilities. I did take multiple photographs in brackets of 2 to 4 over several seconds and it seemed to keep up with that level of picture taking fine. It also worked fine linking with the automatic functions on the camera. The unit comes with a holding case and a diffuser that seems to work very well. I have not used it working to control a slave unit and may need to re-read the instruction booklet a few times.
2018/11/05 00:00:00
Quality at a great price
Very pleased. Great value product with enough features to keep you learning for a while
2018/09/11 00:00:00
excellent lens
simple to use,works wonderful with my D3400
2018/08/22 00:00:00

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K&F Concept KF-882 Master Flash Speedlight
Unboxig, Review K&F Concept KF-882, Flash compatible con Canon y Nikon, Flash SpeedLite