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BA225 60,2"/152cm de fibra de carbono trípode de cámara con funda de transporte para la cámara réflex digital SLR

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95,99€ 133,29€ 27% OFF
&Frete GRÁTIS nos países elegíveis
  • Marca: K&F Concept
  • Compre K&F Concept ba225 60,2"/152cm de fibra de carbono trípode de cámara con funda de transporte para la cámara réflex digital slr online, frete grátis e garantia de devolução de 30 dias.
  • KF09.077V2
  • Modelo: KF09.077V2
  • 95.99
  • • Peso ultraleve: O produto é desenhado com uma estrutura oca, que leva em consideração a resistência e a beleza. O peso do produto é inferior a 1,02 kg, o que é muito conveniente para transportar
  • • Design de tubo de fibra de carbono, diâmetro da perna de 22 mm, tubo de perna de 5 seções, design reversível, comprimento dobrado apenas 350 mm
  • • A escala horizontal de 360 ​​graus na parte inferior do cardan torna mais fácil tirar fotos panorâmicas; uma placa de liberação rápida com parafusos padrão de 1/4 de polegada para conexão rápida de câmera, compatível com quase todas as câmeras SLR digitais, como Canon, Nikon e Sony, Olympus, Fujifilm, Pentax, etc.
  • • A altura máxima é 1525 mm, com design de suporte inferior duplo, o suporte inferior não elevável usado com mais frequência e mais estável pode chegar a 1195 mm
  • • A esfera de 25 mm de pan / tilt fornece uma capacidade de carga segura de 8 kg; o design de amortecimento livre de óleo permite que a câmera gire suavemente e com precisão.

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The five stars are for the speed of shipment, the good packaging of the product by the selling company that have a 10/10

I tested the tripod well before making this assessment and I have to tell you that in my case it was a magnificent purchase. The tripod is as seen and described in the photos, a wonder I can not say anything negative about it. It is strong, resistant and pleasant to the touch and gives you that confidence from the first moment you hold it in your hands that it is not a tripod that can give you a scare. I think that with a tripod you can't play it knowing that your camera is on top either because of a shaky photo or because it falls to the ground. Good construction materials, the threads to extend the legs go well as well as the joints, it is not noticeable that it scratches any metal or anything, everything is perfect.

The ball joint and the shoe very well also remain fixed in my case, I don't carry a lot of weight either, but it is no less important for that.
The kneecap comes with a velvet cover to protect it, the entire tripod in a quality plastic bag wrapped and a shoulder bag type backpack with its handles and strap of very good quality and resistant, by the way the zippers are somewhat large and quality not small as in other covers that give a worse impression.

On the weight then, it is already a personal matter. It is not too heavy for me as it seems. I also have to say that I did not walk all day, but I also do not notice that it weighs a lot, you have to bear in mind that if you want a tripod with stability and that it is safe, something more than a tripod of some characteristics has to happen different or especially light as tripods intended for travel.

The removable leg I did not test but I imagine it worked perfectly. I hope my opinion will serve you and all this is under my criteria and my experience with this tripod.

I would recommend the purchase 100%
2021/08/16 11:06:25
Easy to use and great size!
2021/10/03 00:00:00
Best available for the money.
2021/09/28 16:36:52
Extremely sturdy for its size and weight
Very well made tripod with is exceptionally light and folds down very small for ease of transporation. Needs a weight hung below for stability but a hook already in pace for this.
2021/09/24 00:00:00
A good purchase for my use
Happy with this for my use as is lightweight and fits into my camera bag perfectly. Extending and adjusting to suit is good.
2021/09/12 00:00:00

These images belong to K&F Concept end users.

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【High Compatibility】The quick release 1/4" screw is suitable for most cameras, DSLR camera, projector and telescope, etc; Your phone can be connected via a extra phone mount as well.  
Para saber como instalar a coluna central, consulte este vídeo https://youtu.be/3BvJKWNElRg. 
Para saber como instalar o sistema de travamento do pé, consulte este vídeo https://youtu.be/jZb6Fn6T_u0. 
To hold telephoto lens, it is recommended to use a tripod mount ring additionally for better balance. Meanwhile, it is better to hang some heavy thing to the hook to lower the center of gravity on this tripod to make it more sturdy and less prone to vibrations. 
Yes, It does include the ball head. 
K&F Concept Camera Backpack KF13.096 + Tripod KF09.077V1 | @Fernando pedro salgado
Tripod General
Capacidade de carga 8kg/17.6lbs
Altura Máxima de Trabalho 1520mm/59.84”
Altura máxima sem coluna central 1195mm/47.05“
Altura Mínima de Trabalho 460mm/18.11”
Dobra Comprimento 350mm/13.78“
Peso 1013g/2.20lbs
Materiais Carbon Fiber
Cabeça de bola Ball Head
Cor Orange/Black
Nível de bolha
Tripod Legs
Leg tipo de bloqueio Spiral Type Lock
Posições das pernas 5
Diâmetro da perna 10-22mm/0.39-0.87”
Tripod Center Column
Recursos da coluna central Center Column Inversion
Seções da coluna central 2