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Flitro ND1000 Fixo (10 stops), Nano-X, diâmetro 67mm

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  • Marca: K&F Concept
  • Compre K&F Concept flitro nd1000 fixo (10 stops), nano-x, diâmetro 67mm online, frete grátis e garantia de devolução de 30 dias.
  • KF01.976
  • Modelo: KF01.976
  • 29.99
Buy €100+ Save €10, Buy €200+ Save €25
  • • Filtro ND1000 (10 stops) para lentes com diâmetro 67mm, feito com vidro ótico premium alemão, nível superior de transmitância, não adiciona cor; Estrutura de liga de alumínio de aviação, super fina e leve, evitando vinhetas em lentes grande angular. Estrutura extra resistente, garantindo durabilidade e prevenção contra interferência.
  • • Reduz a quantidade de luz em 10 pontos (f-stops), é uma ferramenta perfeita para suas fotos de longa exposição, multi-revestido com a tecnologia Nano Coating, este filtro melhora de forma significativa a qualidade da imagem!
  • • A tecnologia de revestimento multirresistente reduz significativamente o reflexo da lente e os fantasmas, tornando o filtro anti-riscos, repelente à água, resistente a óleo e poeira, adequado para os rigores da fotografia de aventura.
  • • Processo multicoating suprime fantasmas, reflexos e aumenta a transmissão de luz; Pode ser usado para atingir velocidades super lentas do obturador durante a luz do dia para tornar invisíveis temas em movimento, como carros, pessoas, etc.
  • • Permite que velocidades lentas do obturador sejam usadas para registrar o movimento em assuntos como quedas d'água, proporcionando um efeito suave e sedoso ao fluxo de água.
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Reduz a quantidade de luz que entra na lente, diminuindo assim a velocidade do obturador da câmera. Útil para situações em que o desfoque de movimento precisa ser criado (rios, cachoeiras, pessoas em movimento) ou grandes aberturas deve ser usado com flash para evitar a superexposição.
Sem filtro ND
Use o contraste
Com filtro nd
Sem filtro ND
Com filtro nd
Permite que velocidades lentas do obturador sejam usadas para registrar o movimento em assuntos como cascatas, proporcionando um efeito suave e sedoso ao fluxo de água.
Sem filtro ND
Com filtro nd
Sem filtro ND
Com filtro nd
Sem filtro
Camada múltipla Revestimento nanométrico
Redução da reflexão
Resistente a riscos
Revestimento Nanométrico
Permite que velocidades lentas do obturador sejam usadas para registrar o movimento em assuntos como quedas d'água, proporcionando um efeito sedoso e suave ao fluxo de água.
NDnumber Densidade ótica redução de f-stop Transmitância fracionária
  0 0 100% 1
ND2 0,3 1 50% 0,5
ND4 0,6 2 25% 0,25
ND8 0,9 3 12,50% 0,125
ND16 1,2 4 6,25% 0,0625
ND32 1,50 5 3,13% 0,03125
ND64 1,8 6 1,56% 0,015625
ND100 2 6 23 1% 0,01
ND128 2,1 7 0,78% 0,0078125
ND256 2,4 8 0,39% 0,00390625
ND400 2,6 8 23 0,25% 0,0025
ND512 2,7 9 0,20% 0,001953125
ND1024 / ND1000 3 10 0,10% 0,001
ND2048 3.3 11 0,05% 0,000488281
ND4096 3,6 12 0,02% 0,000244141
ND6310 3,8 12 23 0,02% 0,000158489
ND8192 3,9 13 0,01% 0,00012207
ND10000 4 13 13 0,01% 0,0001
ND100000 5 16 23 0,00% 0.00001
Rating 0 reviews. 0 reviews. 0 reviews. 1 reviews. 42 reviews.
Price 29,99€ 8,99€ 22,69€ 11,99€ 21,89€ 10,99€ 51,99€ 43,99€
Model KF01.976 KF01.507 KF01.1317 KF01.1315 KF01.1146
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I got this as my first lens filter for a Canon Rebel T2i. I wanted to do nice long exposure landscapes and light painting. I learned that a 10 stop (aka ND1000) filter is a fun tool to have. I took these shots in the first half hour of owning the filter, they are unedited straight off the camera. Can't wait to play around with it more. The filter comes with a round case that fits one filter between 43mm and 82mm. The outside of the case is hard plastic and the inside has rubber pads. Compared to how much you can spend on just this one filter (100+ from other brands). There is a slight color cast as others have mentioned but its very tolerable and correctable. Threads onto the lens nicely and fits the lens cap on the front.
I think this is a bargain if you are just learning and experimenting (like me).
2021/09/10 09:37:48
This is my first ND filter. I am an amateur photography and wanted to experiment with some long exposure photography. This filter was priced very reasonably and I thought it would be good to start of with this and see if I can justify the upgrade to a more premium filter in the future.
In terms of build, you get what you pay for; the filter is very light and the aluminum housing is a bit cheap feeling. Since it is a cheap aluminum filter, I threaded it on very lightly being careful not to cross thread but still hit some patches where it felt like the filter threads were rubbing into the lens thread a bit harder than I would like. I suspect the manufacturing tolerances on more premium filters will be better.
In terms of performance, I found that this is not a true 10-stop filter. In the included photo, the test exposure was 1/20 seconds at f16 and ISO100. Putting on the filter and keeping the aperture and ISO the same I got the correct exposure at 13s which is just 8-stops of ND. On the positive side though, I noticed a slight but largely non-destructive color cast in the image.
If you need to use a 10 stop ND frequently than maybe a more expensive proper ND1000 is justified. For casual use I think it's hard to complain given the price. If you do need a full 10-stops then in a pinch you can shoot 4 8-stop exposures and stack them.
2021/09/08 09:40:39
You can spend a LOT of money on ND filters. I'm no pro, my photos make me happy but don't make me money, so I didn't want to spend $100+ if I didn't have to. But I'd heard a lot of stories about cheap filters having bad colour cast, or not affecting exposure accurately. So I figured I'd take a couple test shots with this one. And I'm very impressed.
The first photo was taken with my 5Div and 85mm f1.8 lens at 1/20s, f1.8, ISO 100. Untouched jpg SOC.
The second is the same camera and lens, now with the 10-stop ND filter, in about the same position (I picked it up to change settings and put on the ND filter): 3.2s, f1.8, ISO 1600.
To my amateur eye, there's no significant change in color or exposure... K&F says 10 stops and it really is.
For what these filters cost this is really really good.
2021/09/02 09:39:17
This is a good product unfortunately for me I did not read the description properly. Mistakenly took it for granted that it was adjustable but it turned out to be 10 stops which is extremely dark. Other than that I found it to be a good product. I have used it in very bright sunlight which is what you should take into account if you buy this product. Would recommend it if 10 stops is what you require.
2021/08/30 09:39:58
A high-quality filter.
2021/07/19 16:16:55

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No, the cross pattern comes from the two pieces of glass needed on the variable filters. This is a single piece of glass but dependant on the focal length on of your lens, you might see some vignette, but that can be sorted on post. 
Hey, this filter should fit any lens that has the appropriate filter thread (In this example, 37mm should fit any 37mm filter thread). If for some reason it doesn't fit, you can always return it and go from there. But I would be very surprised if it does not fit. 
you said (Tamron 77 wide angle lense?) the lens info can't be right! do you have the full name of the lens. 
Yes it is the same size. This means you can also fit your lens cap on whilst filter is in place. However once the ND1000 is in place you cant see through it to adjust the CPL. You would need to fit the CPL, adjust image to suit and then fit ND1000. Also bear in mind CPL's often loose a stop of light so you could end up with an 11-stop filter (ND2000 equivalent if they ever made one).