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I’ve been wanting an ND Grad filter for a long time, decided to go for the K&F as all of their other items are great value for money,
I wasn’t disappointed when I tried this,
Was undecided whether to buy this or another brand. For the same quality filters would have cost at least twice as much. My only gripe would the filter holder could be a little bit sturdier.
Lovely little addition to my filters, helps at those seascape sunrises, sunsets.
Good quality coating, no colour cast or degrading in sharpness.
Probability wouldn't have got a reverse grad if it was expensive but for this price is a no brainer.
Packaging is very nice and feels like you got a high end product.
It's my first K&F filter and I'm pleasantly surprised.
Good item and price. Description accurate, item high quality.
Far exceeds expectations. Quality of the packaging suits a much more expensive purchase. Visual quality ot the filter is equally first rate. Having used the filter in my filter holder I can see no evidence of colour cast or filter clarity issues. Overall I have only exceedingly good things to say about this supply. Will definitely be seeking out this manufacturer for future filter purchases.
Very good for the price top. The workmanship is also in the upper range. I will buy more filters from K&F company.
Great price-performance ratio
palled at the price of Lee filters and holders I decided to try the K&F kit. The quality of manufacture and packaging feels top-notch and using the Reverse Grad ND filter for dawn landscapes I could find no adverse effects.
Great quality
Finally a graduated filter that does NOT cost a small fortune and is still high quality. No scratches, well packed in the included bag and fits in my M10 filter system !!!
These filters are an absolute highlight, convincingly good quality, everything fits perfectly, everything is packed in high quality and protected for transport in beautiful cases. The first tests are promising, but currently I do not have a suitable motif to be able to test the full strength of the filters, but I am absolutely confident that excellent and convincing pictures can be made with them.
It has a good quality and is super processed. The leather case is very very chic and protects the glass. I got it because I had bought a cheap one before which had a small purple cast. But this is perfect, no colour cast or anything. It darkens the sky very well and I would buy it again and again. Anytime again