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Mochila de Câmera DSLR para Viagens Fotografia Canon Nikon

4.7 82 comentários Modelo:KF13.066
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62,99€ 56,69€
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  • Marca: K&F Concept
  • Compre K&F Concept mochila de câmera dslr para viagens fotografia canon nikon online, frete grátis e garantia de devolução de 30 dias.
  • KF13.066
  • Em stock: Existente
  • 56.69
Mochila de Câmera DSLR para Viagens Fotografia Canon Nikon
  • • Compartimento principal espaçoso comporta uma câmera e várias lentes. Contando com divisores removíveis feitos de placa PE e espuma EPE estabilizam seu equipamento sem machucá-lo.
  • • Bolso frontal, bolso lateral (com bolsa de malha) e bolso superior podem guardar filtros, cabos de dados ou kit de limpeza.
  • • Material impermeável de alta qualidade, resistente ao desgaste e resistente a riscos.
  • • O bolso de acesso rápido ao lado direito permite que você pegue o equipamento sem colocar a mochila no chão. É possível ainda armazenar um tripé profissional no bolso da esquerda.
  • • Esta mochila fotográfica é uma boa parceira para fotógrafos e também pode funcionar como uma mala de transporte durante uma longa jornada.

Malhas de ar, alargadas e espessas,
e alças de ombro ajustáveis,
facilitam sua viagem.
Transporte 1 câmera + 3 lentes + 7-11 'iPad + Tripé + outros itens essenciais para a fotografia.
Compartimento dedicado para Itens Pessoais
Compartimento dedicado para equipamentos fotográficos
compartimento para laptop (até 11 ”)
Divisórias espessas e ajustáveis são eficazes para proteger seu equipamento fotográfico
O bolso de acesso rápido permite obter o seu equipamento
sem colocar a mochila no chão
Design de couro retro traz um toque mais suave e elegante
Malha de
ombro respirável e malha de ar alargada e engrossada e costas; Cinta de peito ajustável
mantém as tiras apertadas em seus ombros.
Feito de poliéster impermeável 600D,
resistente a riscos , resistente ao desgaste


★ Material: Material: Poliéster 600D; Forro: cinza 210; Divisor: placa 1.0 PE + espuma EPE
★ O interior aumenta a placa de proteção de algodão, melhora o espaço de carga, também adiciona proteção para o equipamento.
★ compartimento dividido fino, placa de PE removível permite ajustar o espaço livremente, para alcançar a classificação razoável e posicionamento.
★ acesso traseiro fornecer a proteção de seu equipamento, anti-roubo.
★ Fivelas de cinta de bronze de alta qualidade, mais duráveis; ímã conveniente mais perto com decoração de couro elaborada.
★ Extrator de zíper de couro traz mais suave toque.
★ Quatro bolsos pequenos dentro do compartimento principal com velcro de alta qualidade podem manter baterias e cartões SD.
★ Correias de tripé profissionais à esquerda, ajudam a transportar o seu tripé.
★ Acesso ao lado do direito permite que você obtenha o seu equipamento sem colocar o saco para baixo

Avaliação geral   4.7   
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2017/09/16 00:00:00
Amazing product
Great product. Was after a good day out bag that doesn't look like a camera bag and this product meets all the things I was after. Will definitely be by more products
Amazing product Amazing product Amazing product
2020/06/08 00:00:00
Excellent bag
Really pleased with this bag - haven't had much time to try it out yet but the quality is outstanding and looks like it should last long time. It looks small but is big enough for all my camera equipment and it also fits my 13" XPS laptop perfectly. That said, I wish the front laptop pocket was more padded, it's not thin but it's not exactly thick either - hopefully it will protected my laptop adequately should the bag fall on its front but I'm not going to test it with £2k worth of laptop inside ...Other than that I'm really pleased with this purchase - other bags I looked at were over £100 so it seems a great purchase.
2020/06/07 00:00:00
Fantastic camera bag
I bought this camera bag as my husband has one by the same manufacturer and it is pretty good, and quite cheap. This bag looks and feels better than other camera bags I’ve seen, it almost looks like denim. There is a good sized storage pouch on the back, which is secured by a zip and a magnetic closing flap, it has pouches for memory cards, batteries etc. On the left side there is space to secure your tripod, and the securing strap actually has a buckle! As opposed to some other bags that you have to slide/force the tripod in. On the top of the bag there is a flap which is secured by magnetic buckles, plus a drawstring closure under that, with a compartment which could be used for storing spare clothes/lunch etc. The main camera storage is accessed from the rear, which is great for security, there is space for 1 camera body (with lens) and 5 lenses or 2 camera bodies and 3 lenses. However, on the side of the bag, there is a zip secured pouch which allows you to access the main camera body, so if the bag was over your shoulder you could sling it to one side and access your DSLR quickly if you needed to. There is also an almost hidden compartment at the top of the bag which has a rain cover, which is a GREAT idea!!I’m really impressed with this bag, it’s just what I wanted.
2020/05/14 00:00:00
A stylish enough bag, but...
I was initially very impressed with this bag, it ticked every box that I required, was easy to reconfigure and looked good to boot. However, over time a few things started to niggle away at my thoughts. The biggest being the lightweight construction. Why is that a problem, surely that is a boon? At first yes, but I came to realise that the dividers for the storage compartment and, more importantly, the upper level, combined with the flexible material the bag is made of, would sag during use and make it difficult to remove and harder still to place the camera in it's section - two litre bottles of water in the top and one or two lenses below was enough to push down upon the camera, hindering the removal/placing process. Yet the biggest flaw were the adjustable buckles that tightened or loosened the way the bag sits on your back. The cheap brass (I think) that they are made from failed first on the left-hand side back in February (a little less than a year after I bought it) and the right failed this afternoon (a little over a year since the purchase.) I am managing to get by after tying the straps in place, but this is not how the product should be used/have lasted...not by a long shot. Being a fair weather walker/photographer I never took the bag out in the rain and was caught in only one or two showers (the cover provided did a decent job of keeping the contents dry, so that's a plus), so it's not like it was missused.I still like the look of the bag and want to carry on using it, but the durabilty is just not there. Perhaps this issues have been addressed with newer versions, but who knows.
2020/05/06 00:00:00
Comfy, well made and attractive design.
This is a really attractive and smart camera backpack whilst not obvious that it contains a camera, making you feel safer and less of a target.It took me a while to realise the hidden flap on the back to access the rest of the camera compartment! It is spacious and the moveable separaters are sturdy. I may have to buy some extra accessories to fill all the pockets now!Overall it's comfy, sturdy and well made.
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