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Mochila de Câmera DSLR Canon Nikon para Fotografia Viagem 44 * 27.5 * 11cm

Modelo: KF13.066V5

2020/05/03 00:00:00
Very comfortable
I've been looking for a backpack for a long time.It was a hard decision for me as I do have some requirements. I'm guessing any photographer, pro or not, know their needs. I needed something for hiking. I wanted to be able to take my tripod with me, 3 lenses and my camera.The quick handy pocket is something I was looking for. Instead of opening my whole backpack I hoped to get quick access to my camera this way. It is a bit less comfortable that I imagined. The photos were showing the guy taking out his camera, but in reality You need to take out a small bag with Your camera and one lens. So the quick access can hold only camera with lens + additional lens. Macro lens do not fit it.I wasn't bothered by the lack of place for my 3rd lens, because there is a padded shelf at the top of the quick access bag, where I can store my other items. I need to say this backpack is big, but not stiff enough especially the top section. I wish it could be reinforced. The material is good, the backpack didn't feel cheap.Overall I'm very happy, but there is some space for improvements. Hopefully the manufacturer will see it.