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GPS Fitness Tracker, Monitor de atividade de tela colorida com monitor de freqüência cardíaca, GPS embutido, com 24 modos esportivos, Pulseira inteligente Bluetooth impermeável IPX67 com contador de passos, Contagem de calorias

Modelo: 832080123

Cool Fitness Watch
This is my first fitness smart watch and this looks so cool as it has various different modes to chose from. I have been using it from couple of days now and found it very accurate as it gives me the exact step count.Besides having the various features like heart rate monitor, GPS, App Notification, One of the great feature i loved the most is water drinking reminder which i found really helpful as sitting at work throughout the day, I mostly forget to drink water and it reminds me the same.
2018/12/02 00:00:00