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82mm Filtro ND Variável ND2 a ND400 Densidade Neutra

Modelo: SKU0887

2019/03/28 00:00:00
Works brilliantly
First variable ND filter purchased (all others I have had have been static) and what a difference it makes!So easy to move around, and not having to carry more than one per lens is a real space-saver in the bag!I've experienced no false colour or the infamous X on any images (although I don't use this all the way closed!)Comparing it to a friends premium ND (I won't mention the brand), I could not see a difference at all in image quality. However, the premium ND was a bit stiffer to move around, so it felt like it would stay exactly where left. The K&F one does feel like it may loosen up over time, although this hasn't happened yet a few months in!