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Flash HSS KF882 i-TTL para sincronização de alta velocidade Nikon GN58 1 / 8000s

Modelo: KF22.007

2018/11/05 00:00:00
When you can be flash
Very well made product that provides confidence it fitted and worked perfectly with my Nikon. Producing excellent results in a range of uses. It does have limitations especially when taking multiple photographs so if you need to take many bursts of photographs very quickly then you may need to consider other units. I cannot say where the extremes lay and I may be a little unfair on the units capabilities. I did take multiple photographs in brackets of 2 to 4 over several seconds and it seemed to keep up with that level of picture taking fine. It also worked fine linking with the automatic functions on the camera. The unit comes with a holding case and a diffuser that seems to work very well. I have not used it working to control a slave unit and may need to re-read the instruction booklet a few times.