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Flash HSS KF882 i-TTL para sincronização de alta velocidade Nikon GN58 1 / 8000s

Modelo: KF22.007

2018/11/20 00:00:00
Worked out of the box
I have used this a couple of dozen times with my Nikon D500. The instruction booklet could do with a better translation, but hey ho, I went for it, and stuck it on the shoe. It works very well, despite my not yet getting to grips with the finer points. It talks to the camera effortlessly.In the example, with little time to set up, I used an exposure time of 1/200 sec at F2, 800 iso, multi-segment metering with a 35mm lens. I used the camera in manual mode, and bounced the flash off the ceiling. In retrospect, the image needed darkening a little, but I expect I will learn more as I become familiar with the unit.