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K&F M16111 Olympus OM Adaptador de montagem de lente para Fuji X

Modelo: KF06.106

2018/02/24 00:00:00
Fits well, good product, good value.
The product is the Olympus OM mount to a Fuji X series mount.The object of the exercise is to try and use 3 OM prime lenses, 35mm, 50mm and 135mm, on the Fuji X-A2 mirrorless camera.Very fast delivery, well packaged.The adapter is well made and looks good.Initially the OM lenses did not seem to lock in the adapter and fell off, other reviewers have had the same problem, but... the OM lens have a little button on the side which you press to hold in the metal latching catch, if I held in the catch and then turned the lens firmly in the adapter it locked perfectly. The adapter was easy to attach to the Fuji camera, turn and click.So the adapter now fits snugly.I have only had chance to take a few photographs, remember the lenses are manual lenses, so set the aperture on the lens, perhaps set the focus to infinity on the lens and then on the camera(Fuji specific) set the option take photos without a lens, use aperture priority and manual focus. To get good photos you need to understand and practice these techniques.To buy 3 almost equivalent Fuji lenses would cost nearly 4000 pounds, the adapter with delivery was less than 25 pounds.