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Mochila de câmera ao ar livre 11.4 * 7.1 * 17.0 polegadas

Modelo: KF13.074

2017/12/30 00:00:00
Excellent Camera Backpack
This camera back pack marketed by K&F Concepts is a great bag for the price. My previous back pack was made by leading provider Lowepro, and so I was a little nervous when I ordered this bag. However when it arrived I was very pleasantly surprised. In many ways it is a better bag than my Lowepro. Firstly the materials and construction quality appear to be the equal of the Lowepro, which is quite surprising at this price. Features that are great are that it has a side access panel for quickly accessing a camera, but the made opening is on the inner face that means that when being worn it is against your back. This increases security (and is a feature that my Lowepro lacked). The bag has a comfortable and strong handle on the top for the times when you don't want to start putting it on your back. I really like this as the reason I needed to replace my Lowepro was that the small upper handle had managed to rip the bag because of the way it was attached.The back panel is well padded which both helps to protect your gear, but also makes it more comfortable to wear. The straps are also well padded and adjust enough for even a very large person (which I am). The only downside is that this bag lacks a waist strap. However I have still found the back to be comfortable.This is a medium sized bag, but still can carry a lot of gear (probably more than you would want to carry about (which is why I do not go for large backpacks). It takes my Nikon D7100 with attached lens, along with up to six extra lenses or or gear, such as filters, speed-lights etc. It also has a number of pockets to allow you to carry small accessories such as SD cards, batteries and a cleaning kit (which is supplied with this bag). The bag also has a removable rain cover (the bag itself is shower resistant).Perhaps its weakest feature is the tripod attachment. This consist of two adjustable straps. I have found that the tripod remains a little loose no matter how tight you make the straps. A little pouch to take one of two tripod legs at the bottom would have been a cheap and easy addition to this bag. As it is it is probably best suited to a light weight travel tripod.
Excellent Camera Backpack