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HD 8 X 25 Binocular Waterproof Fogproof for Outdoor Watching

4.8 4 comentários Modelo:KF33.003
52,99€ 33,99€
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  • Marca: K&F Concept
  • Compre K&F Concept hd 8 x 25 binocular waterproof fogproof for outdoor watching online, frete grátis e garantia de devolução de 30 dias.
  • KF33.003
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  • 33.99
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HD 8 X 25 Binocular Waterproof Fogproof for Outdoor Watching
  • • A lente objetiva de 1,0 "de diâmetro oferece um campo de visão ultragrande, a lente multirrevestida oferece imagens claras e nítidas com transmitância aprimorada e a blindagem de borracha antideslizante absorve o impacto.
  • • Quer ver gotas de orvalho brilhando no campo? Pontas de penas flutuando ao vento? Os pássaros voam no céu azul? Ajudá-lo a observar a perspectiva mais sutil e clara do mundo.
  • • Prismas BAK-4 para maior fidelidade de cor e lentes multirrevestidas para contraste e brilho excepcionais.
  • • Ampliação de 8x, binóculos de lente objetiva de 25mm. Design de corpo de ponte leve e aberto com volante de foco grande e preciso.
  • • Ideal para observação de pássaros, viagens, turismo, caça, observação de atividades esportivas e concertos, etc.

Instructions to use K&F Concept 0825B Binoculars

✮Adjust the pupil diantance by expanding or folding the binocular till the image in each lens-barrel overlaps with eachother completely.

✮Twist up the eyecup by rotating anticlockwise for people without glasses wearing to gain the maximum view, and twist down it by rotating clockwise for glasses wearing.

✮Adjust the center wheel until you have a clear view  on your left eye, then close your left eye and adjust the dioptre ring on the right eyepiece until you have a clear view on your right eye.

✮Adjust the focus wheel to gain the optimal view and definition.


The Highlight Features:

✮Multi-coated lens can provide you high transmittance.

✮Anti-skip groove helps keep the binacular tight.

✮Strap buckle made of metal, stronger and sturdier.

✮No-slip soft rubber armor to absorbs moisture and make you comfortable.

✮Designed to inhibit internal fogging,great for any weather and any environment.

✮Waterproof and fogproof,prevents moisture, dust, and debris from getting inside the binocular.

✮Allows you to get the best view possible for bird watching, watching wildlife or scenery.

More Specifications:

✮Magnification: 8X

✮Exit Relief: 0.4"

✮Exit Pupil: 0.1"

✮ Peso líquido: 335g ✮Tipo de

prisma: Telhado

✮Diretivo da objetiva: 1.0 "

✮Fechar distância de foco:

236.2 " ✮Pode ser montado em um tripé

✮Campo de visão: ft @ 1000yds / m @ 1000m: 429/143

Ampliação de 8x, binóculos de lente objetiva de 25mm, ajudam você a observar de forma mais sutil e clara.

A lente objetiva de 1,0 "de diâmetro oferece um campo de visão grande angular de 429 pés.

Prismas BAK-4 para maior fidelidade de cor e lentes multirrevestidas para contraste e brilho excepcionais.

Avaliação geral   4.8   
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2019/04/06 00:00:00
What a great piece of kit..
I already have a pair of 10x42's but wanted something smaller for carrying daily and viewing things closer.. most larger binoculars won't focus on a bird that is only 3 mtrs away.. these will..!These K&F 8x25's are amazing, Lightweight, very clear and really good quality for the money..One happy customer.. 5 stars to K&F..
2018/03/02 00:00:00
Four Stars
Nice product with a good solid feel and good viewing , clear and crisp at a long distance
2017/05/31 00:00:00
First real foray into binoculars and I couldn't be happier!
So, this summer I have decided to get more into hiking, and one of the first things I wanted to get was a good set of binoculars. I'm not really someone who will do things overnight, just small hikes with friends for a couple hours exploring.I've tested these out on two hikes now and they're really cool! They're durable, they work phenomenally and they are very adjustable, fitting my face well without having to readjust when I put them down. They also still work just as well when exposed to the rain, which is great! (even though I don't plan on being out in the rain, one of the days I went the weather had other plans!)Over all these are a great addition to my summer adventures, I love this purchase and it's gonna be well worth the money!
2017/05/11 00:00:00
Good visibility
To start with its style, it a black binocular. Looking through this binocular will take you to a world of experience. It comes with a Binocular cover to keep your Binocular safe and secure.Binocular prism which has a higher index of refraction to allow maximum amount of light to your eyes for a better view. The prism provide bright and crystal clear images to your eyes for a real treat.It comes with a basic neck strap which will allow you to hang around the Binocular in your neck.It has a 25mm angle objective lenses which brings you a larger visible area of view. 8X Magnification is a perfect for you to see your images farther and more clearly on this magnification.Adjust between eyes for viewing clear image varies from person to person, it can adjusted easily using the central focusing wheel. The Central focusing wheel is pretty much easy to turn to adjust for your viewing clarity.They also provided a soft lens cloth to remove dirt or finger prints. You can clean it with a soft cloth rubbing in a circular motion.This Binocular is suitable for recreational uses such as Stadium sports, bird watching, concerts, hunting and hiking etc.,No Cap provided to protect the lens which a major disadvantage. It does not support night vision, you can only be able to view if you have low light visibility.
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