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Binóculos 10x42 HD BAK-4

4.8 84 comentários KF33.001
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40,00€ 48,90€ 18% OFF
&Frete GRÁTIS nos países elegíveis
  • Marca: K&F Concept
  • Compre K&F Concept binóculos 10x42 hd bak-4 online, frete grátis e garantia de devolução de 30 dias.
  • KF33.001
  • Modelo: KF33.001
  • 40
  • * Enxergue além com o binóculos BAK-4! A lente possui diâmetro de 1,7" e oferece um campo de visão ultra-amplo, imagens nítidas com transmissão de luz aprimorada e a blindagem de borracha antideslizante que evita que o binóculos caia das suas mãos e também absorve o impacto em caso de acidentes.
  • * Quer ver gotas de orvalho brilhando no campo, plumas flutuando ao vento? Pássaros voando no céu azul? O BAK4 vai ajudá-lo a observar tudo isso e muito mais do nosso maravilhoso planeta Terra!
  • * Os prismas BAK-4 provém maior fidelidade de cor e lentes multirrevestidas, para brilho e contraste excepcionais.
  • * Ampliação de 10x, com lentes objetivas de 42mm. Design no clássico estilo "Open Bridge", com seletor de foco de fácil acesso e super preciso.
  • * Ideal para observação de pássaros, turismo, caça, atividades esportivas em estádios, concertos em grandes palcos, etc.
Ampliação de 10x, lente de 42mm, roda de foco preciso.
A lente multi-revestida oferece imagens nítidas com melhor transmitância
Ampliação de 10X
Ajuste a distância da pupila expandindo ou dobrando o binóculo até que a imagem em cada barril da lente se sobreponha completamente
Projeto com purga de nitrogênio Anti-neblina e à prova d'água

As características de destaque:

lens Lente multi-revestida pode fornecer alta transmitância.

✮ Um sulco antiderrapante ajuda a manter o bináculo apertado.

✮ Fivela de metal, mais forte e resistente.

ArmArmadura de borracha macia sem deslizamento para absorver a umidade e deixá-lo confortável.

✮Permite-lhe obter a melhor vista possível para observação de aves, observação de vida selvagem ou paisagens.

Comentários (84)
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Comfortable, well made binoculars
I'm completely happy with this product. The material the binoculars are made of is soft and comfortable. There is plenty of adjustment available to fit any face. Comes with a strap to hang around your neck and a storage case. The lenses are clear and do not strain your eyes and the reange of magnification is good for most recreational activities.
Comfortable, well made binoculars Comfortable, well made binoculars Comfortable, well made binoculars Comfortable, well made binoculars
2017/12/04 00:00:00
Same quality as professional ones!
I bought this binoculars for my dad as he loves doing expeditions on the mountains to see wild animals and before I actually gave it a try! 10 times zooming, you can set the focus depending on the distance. What Is great is that my dad really likes and he said the binoculars are amazing. Very good image quality and the material is made of is very strong and it’s also looking professional! It comes with a little bag and strap.
Same quality as professional ones! Same quality as professional ones! Same quality as professional ones!
2017/10/24 00:00:00
Good clear vision. Good build quality. Accessories almost there.
When using binoculars I've never been quite sure how our brains reconcile the two images if they're slightly different. Apart from blinking one eye shut and then the other, back and forth, I've never been sure exactly how to check the focus adjustment on the adjustable side. So, I get the size of the object I'm looking at as close in size in each side with the rapid blinking technique. Then I adjust to inter lens distance (inter pupil) to try to get the image to look like it's in one circle. Once that's done I can read a phone number off a neighbour's burglar alarm box 250 yards away.In daylight the image is bright and clear. That has to be pretty good doesn't it?I haven't tried dusk or dawn lighting yet but the brightness of the daytime image suggests that will be okay (or even good).The focus is nicely damped but not stiff as is the hinge between the two sides. My young daughter can operate these without a fuss and I don't sense any hysteresis in the mechanism.I wish my eyes were better to comment further but I can't fault these optically.The rubber coating seems fine. The strap is fiddly to attach but just needs a little patience. The soft, but padded case is just a smidgen too small - it takes the binoculars ok but not the (quite thin) neck-strap, so the strap has to remain outside the case. [Update] If you flatten out the binoculars you can fold the neck-strap just enough to hide it in the gap and close the case. Hmm... I like to pull them out of the case ready-to-go..The soft rubber dust/lens covers are okay. I like that the eyepiece covers are joined together and are threaded onto the neck-strap. The object lens ones are moulded with a ring that runs around each mon(?)ocular and stays in place mainly by friction. Time will tell if this rubber will remain pliant and grippy. The covers are functional but not exactly works of beauty!With no other binoculars to test these against it's hard to rate them but they do everything they're supposed to and I would definitely consider buying them again if they got lost or broken.
2021/04/04 00:00:00
Good quality, easy to use binoculars but bag could use some improvement
As with previous purchases of K&F Concept products, these binoculars are good quality and I was easily able to see a transmitter that is a few miles away.Securing the strap was fiddly which was to be expected but the fit was slightly awkward for the eye piece cap. Once fitted though I confirmed they were easily held in place.The lens end caps easily fell off which wasn't good but if you pull them up the binoculars slightly they stay on.It was good to have a bag with them which also had an outer strap. However, the interior of the bag was a lightweight foam which made inserting the items into the bag somewhat more challenging than they needed to be as it got in the way by parts of the binoculars sticking while being inserted. I'd recommend this foam is either changed or a tough material put over it to protect it.Overall good quality binoculars that are reasonably easy to use that I'm happy to recommend. Apart from a change to the material in the bag, I'd suggest a means of clamping the lens covers to the body as the current method is not as secure as the eye piece covers.
2020/03/18 00:00:00
Purchased for a present so wont be trying them.
2019/12/19 00:00:00

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